Undergraduate Interns & Lab Assistants

Undergraduate Interns and Assistants

Emily Sit (Spring 2022–Spring 2023; Lab Assistant Summer 2023–present)

Aly Wong (Fall 2022–present)

Finn Velisaris (Fall 2022–present)

Grace Jiang (Spring 2023–present)

Ashley Whitt (Spring 2023–present)

Elisa Pulido (Summer 2023–present)

Kobe Goliman (Winter 2023–present)

Pedro Lemgruber (Fall 2023–present)

Devin Bach (Fall 2023–present)

Priscila Anguiano (Winter 2024–present)


James Qiao (Lab Assistant Fall 2023–Spring 2024)

Isabel Hu (Fall 2022–Winter 2024)

William Claflin (Fall 2021–Spring 2023; Lab Assistant Summer 2023–Winter 2024)

Mary Sadyrova (Fall 2021–Fall 2022; Lab Assistant Winter 2023–Spring 2023)

Ece Midillioglu (Davis Senior High student. Winter 2023–Spring 2023)

Lucie Chedin (Davis Senior High student. Winter 2023–Spring 2023)

Alexandra Lyon (Fall 2021–Spring 2023)

Madison Morgan (Fall 2022–Spring 2023)

Stefanie Böttcher (Fall 2021–Fall 2022)

Brenda Tran (Lab Assistant: Summer 2021–Fall 2022)

Tasneem Mukarrama (Fall 2021–Spring 2022)

Jaritza Granillo (Lab Assistant: Winter 2021–Fall 2021)

Valeria Reyes Lua (Lab Assistant: Summer 2021)

Taylor Busby (Lab Assistant: Winter 2021–Spring 2021)

Danielle Yee Litt (Lab Assistant: Winter 2021)

Jenna Quan (Fall 2019–Winter 2020, Lab Assistant: Fall 2020–Winter 2021)

Monica Serrano (Spring 2019–Winter 2020)

Madison (Madi) Friend  (Winter 2019–Winter 2020)

Meredith Honig (Winter 2020)

Manisha Koneru (Fall 2019–Winter 2020)

Alma Manriquez (Fall 2019–Winter 2020)

Taylor Davis (Winter 2018–Spring 2020)

Maggie Kan (Fall 2018–Spring 2019)

Victoria Susman (Fall 2018–Spring 2019)

Jazmine Camacho (Spring 2018–Fall 2019)

Eric Nuñez (Fall 2018–Winter 2019)

Brian Min (Spring 2019–Summer 2019)

Naomi Serratos (Winter 2018–Spring 2018)

Andy Lee (Fall 2016–Spring 2019)

Eric Stubbs (Fall 2018)

Connor Bennett (Winter 2018–Spring 2018)

Glenna Wardlaw (Fall 2016–Spring 2018)

Emma Sutphin (Fall 2017–Summer 2018)

Camilo Sanchez (Summer 2017–Summer 2018)

Kristyn Schulte (Summer 2017–Summer 2018)

Julia Owen (Winter 2017–Spring 2018)

Ellie Alexander (Winter 2017–Spring 2018)

Jerene Pfeiffer (Winter 2017–Winter 2018)

Alexandra (Lexi) Mendoza (Winter 2017–Fall 2017)

Nicole Gonzalez (Winter 2016–Summer 2017)

Christina Scott (Fall 2016–Spring 2017)

Jessica Kwok (Fall 2016–Winter 2017)

Annie Maliguine (Fall 2016)

Korinne Tarien (Winter 2016–Spring 2017)

Dhalys Trinity (Winter 2016–Spring 2016)

Samantha Mejia (Winter 2016–Spring 2016)

Kelly Goedde–Matthews (Fall 2015–Spring 2016)

Megan (Andie) Andrews (Fall 2015–Winter 2016)

Randy Kuffel (Fall 2015)

Meghan Fought (Spring 2015–Winter 2016)

Daniel LaBolle (Winter 2015–Spring 2015)

Marina Becker (Winter 2015)

Tatyana Kalani (Summer 2014–Spring 2016)

Flor Calderon (Summer 2014–Winter 2016)

Elena Neale-Sacks (Summer 2014)

Carla Angulo (Winter 2014–Spring 2015)

Arielle Crews (Winter 2014–Summer 2014)

Jackie Tortolani (Fall 2013–Spring 2015)

Naomi Barney (Fall 2013–Spring 2015)

Susan Fresquez (Fall 2013–Spring 2014)

Luis Hernandez (Spring 2013–Spring 2015)

Sarah Carroll (Spring 2013–Fall 2013)

Young Ha Suh (Fall 2013)

Devin Merritt (Spring 2013)

Alex Rodriguez (Winter 2013–Spring 2013)

Victoria (Tori) Kistner (Fall 2012–Summer 2013)

Siobhan Aamoth (Spring 2012–Winter 2015)

Michelle Holtz (Winter 2012–Fall 2013)

Shannon Green (Spring 2012–Spring 2013)

Natalie Goddard (Winter 2012–Summer 2014)

Alex Rodriguez (Winter 2012–Spring 2013)

Kyle DiBiasio (Winter 2012–Spring 2012)

Arisa Mototake (Spring 2011–Fall 2012)

Michael Kato (Spring 2010–Fall 2012)

Scott Watanabe (Fall 2010–Fall 2011)

Natalie Johnson (Spring 2010–Fall 2010)

Quentin Voyce (Fall 2009–Fall 2010)

Lisa Wong (Fall 2009–Fall 2010)

Kristen Ahrens (Fall 2008–Fall 2010)

Deborah (Lytle) Hoover (Fall 2008–Fall 2010)

Lily Douglas (Fall 2009–Spring 2010)

Clara Laursen (Fall 2008–Spring 2009)

Annie Brodsky (Fall 2008–Spring 2009)

Susan Louie (Fall 2007–Fall 2008)


Undergraduate Senior Practicum/Thesis Projects

Emily Sit (Comparing the diets of urban and non-urban coyotes via stable isotope analysis. Animal Biology, current project with Tali)

Aly Wong (The Effects of Persistent Habitat Fragmentation on Californian (Narrow-faced Kangaroo Rat) D. venustus Haplotype Diversity. Animal Biology, current project with Mark)

Kobe Goliman (Assessing relatedness between captive population of blunt-nosed leopard lizard (Gambelia Sila) from the Panoche Plateau. Animal Biology, current project with Mark)

Grace Jiang (The Bats That Call Traver Ranch Home: Genetic Identification of Bat Species at a Roost and a Comparison of Sample Storage Methods. Animal Biology, current project with Mark)

Elisa Pulido (Testing Seabird Bycatch Markers on Black Footed (Phoebastria nigripes), Short Tailed (Phoebastria albatrus), & Laysan (Phoebastria immutabilis) Albatrosses. Animal Biology, current project with Stevi)

William Claflin (How do Giant Kangaroo Rats (Dipodomys ingens) spatially arrange themselves to avoid inbreeding? Animal Biology, 2023 with Mark Statham)

Alexandra Lyon (Investigating genetic patterns in Salt Marsh Harvest Mice coat color using the Mc1r gene. Animal Biology, 2023 with Cody Aylward)

Mary Sadyrova (Testing long term effects of varying genetic factors in donor and recipient populations of the Sierra Nevada Red Fox. Animal Biology, 2023 with Cate Quinn)

Stephanie Olesky (A Comparison of the Body Size and Skull Morphometrics of Sacramento Valley Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes patwin) and the Sierra Nevada Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes necator). Animal Biology, 2020-21 with Sophie)

Brian Min (Habitat use by black bears and the effects of scat contents on genotyping success. Animal Biology, 2020 with Julia Owen)

Andy Lee (Investigating time of divergence of island spotted skunks (Spilogale gracilis amphiala) on the California Channel Islands. Wildlife, Fish, and Conservation Biology, 2019 with Cate Quinn and Ellie Bolas)

Jazmine Camacho Servin (Comparison of survey methods for the blunt-nosed leopard lizard of the San Joaquin Valley. Animal Biology, 2018–2019 with Mark Statham)

Camilo Sanchez (Characterization of a black bear micro satellite multiplex in California optimized for non invasively collected samples, CAMP Scholar, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 2018 with Stevi)

Julia Owen (Use of noninvasive DNA to determine genetic subdivisions among ecoregional coyote populations in the Sierra Nevada, CAMP Scholar, Animal Biology, 2018 with Cate)

Emma Sutphin (Comparison of photographic and genetic determination of abundance of Sacramento Valley Red Foxes (Vulpes vulpes patwin) at den sites, Animal Biology, 2018 with Sophie)

Lexi Mendoza (Microsatellite primer and multiplex development for the endangered Reithrodontomys raviventris and R. megalotis in the San Francisco Bay Area salt marshes. Animal Biology, 2016-2017 with Mark Statham)

Nicole Gonzalez (Comparing relative abundance indices between designated and non-designated wildlife areas, Animal Biology, 2017 with Sophie)

Randy Kuffel (Examining Niche Overlap of Subalpine Mesocarnivores Through Stable Isotope Analysis: A Pilot Study, Animal Biology, senior practicum, 2016 with Cate)

Russell Miller (Microsatellite Finder for Single-end Reads: Applied to Red Fox Data, Animal Biology, senior practicum, 2015 with Zach)

Deanna Agenta (The effect of inbreeding on the STR loci chosen for forensic identification of canines in dog fighting rings, Animal Biology, senior practicum, 2015 with Christina (Lindquist) Lyons)

Susan Fresquez (Assessing genetic diversity and the population structure of the giant kangaroo rat (Dipodomys ingens) in the Panoche-Ciervo region of California, Animal Biology, senior practicum, 2014 with Mark)

Naomi Barney (Divergence of American Marten (Martes americana) Populations in the Cascade and Sierra Nevada Mountains, Animal Biology, senior practicum, 2014 with Cate)

Jennifer Sprague (Foraging patterns of Northern raccoons (Procyon lotor), Virginia opossums (Didelphis virginiana), and striped skunks (Mephitis mephitis) in the presence of the Sacramento Valley red fox (Vulpes vulpes patwin)Animal Biology, senior practicum, 2014 with Kat)

Danielle Nisan (Historical DNA from North Pacific albatrosses, Animal Biology, 2012–2013)

Shannon Green (Ancient DNA of dogs, Anthropology, 2012–2013)

Andrew Richards (space Use of Sacramento Valley red foxes Animal Biology, 2010–2011)

Michelle Croom (Activity of Sacramento Valley red foxes, Animal Biology, 2010–2011)

Stephanie Klein (Disease ecology in fishers, Animal Biology, 2011–2012)

Julia Owen and Camilo Sanchez hold awards for their oral presentations at the 2018 UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference

Julia Owen and Camilo Sanchez display awards for their talks at the 2018 UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference 4/28/18