Sophie Preckler-Quisquater

Sophie Preckler-QuisquaterResearch Interests: I am interested in applying ecological principles to conservation and management practices, and am motivated largely by a desire to combat the global decline of carnivore populations. I am particularly interested in understanding mesocarnivore ecology in the context of broader ecological communities, as this is an essential step in identifying and mitigating key threats. Additionally, I am interested in using non-invasive genetic and genomic techniques to explore the mechanisms underlying local adaptation and evolutionary divergence of organisms.

Current Research: I am currently exploring the ecological and evolutionary differences between native and invasive red foxes in California’s Sacramento Valley. I am particularly interested in using genomic tools to investigate patterns of genetic exchange across a naturally occurring hybrid zone between these two populations to identify reproductive isolation, local adaptation, and ecological risks associated with an introduced species that was highly modified through captive breeding.