Dr. Mark Statham

Statham and peach faced lovebirdsResearch Interests: I am a researcher and an educator in the fields of ecology and evolution. I use fieldwork in combination with genetics to better understand wildlife populations, particularly with regard to the identification of distinct populations, and to the conservation of rare and endangered species. My research interests include biogeography, conservation, evolution, phytogeography, phylogenetic, and

Current Research:

  • Endangered salt marsh harvest mouse phylogeography, taxonomy, landscape genetics and development of a morphological key
  • Conservation genetics and genomics of the endangered giant kangaroo rat
  • Ecological genetics work on the endangered blunt nosed leopard lizard and other herpetofauna of the San Joaquin Desert
  • Investigation of red fox (and other canid species) phylogeography and evolution

Website: markstatham.com