Stevi Vanderzwan

SteviPhotoResearch Interests: I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, where I earned my BSc and MSc in Ecology. After 2 summers as a research assistant in the field, I began my molecular lab experience as an undergraduate NSERC student using noninvasive DNA from deer fecal pellets to identify species (mule vs. whitetail), and then went on to manage Dr. Sean Rogers’ lab at the University of Calgary for a year. I did my MSc research on the ecology of adaptive peak shift of Alaskan threespine sticklebacks with Dr. Rogers, in which I was able to characterize associations of fish phenotype with lake depth, geography, and predator composition! During one semester of my master’s I got to work with Parks Canada on a project focusing on the conservation of westslope cutthroat trout (pictured above: electrofishing in the snow). After completing my master’s in 2015 I taught biology at a small university for 2 semesters, then I went on to study black-tailed prairie dogs for a season with the Calgary Zoo. In early 2017 I moved to California and returned to my molecular roots of using noninvasive DNA to answer ecological questions and to manage a lab. I love teaching and learning new skills, and I aim to continually contribute to research related to conservation and ecology.

Current Research Projects: 

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