Current Research (page under construction)

Sierra Nevada Red Fox


Sacramento Valley Red Fox

Genomics of hybridization between the native Sacramento Valley red fox and a nonnative red fox population of captive bred (fur-farm) origins.


Blunt-Nosed Leopard Lizard

Genetic identification of blunt nosed-leopard lizards using non-invasive scat samples


Colusa & Lake Tule Elk

Population demographics and genetic monitoring of tule elk herds in California


Botswana Lions


Drivers of human-carnivore conflict in the western, Okavango Delta: Livestock depredation trends, spatio-temporal movement patterns of large carnivores living along the edge of a protected area and a cattle landscape.

San Luis National Wildlife Refuge Tule Elk


Evaluating the use of non-invasive methods for estimating population size of elk

San Francisco Coyotes